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e+a Applications

e+a rotors & stators designed specifically for your application save money, increase reliability and improve time to market.
intro photo applications page
intro photo applications page
  • Examples of e+a Turbomachinery Applications

    • Power Generation – Micro-Turbines, GTE Power Generators
    • Energy Recovery – Land-based, Airborne, Ship-based, Locomotive
    • HVAC Compressors, Chillers
    • Automotive – Fuel Cell Compressors, Range Extenders, Traction Motors
    • Cryogenic – LNG & LH2 Pumps
    • Concrete Cutting
    • Machine Tool Spindles – Honing, Milling, PCB Drilling
    • Waste - Water Blowers
    • Medical – Heart Pumps
    • Natural Gas Compression
    • Vacuum Pumps
    • Centrifuges – Medical, Industrial

e+a has solutions for your OEM application.

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e+a USA Hi-Speed, Hi-Power Motor Elements for Turbomachinery

Application Space

  • Applications for e+a rotors and stators are all over the map. e+a began as a supplier of motors to manufacturers of machine tool spindles so we have a large base of existing designs from a few KW to around 150KW that we supply to spindle makers. These range in volume from a few hundred to some thousand per year.

    Turbomachinery applications using PM motors are the fastest growing market space at e+a; these applications include motors and generators for HVAC chillers & compressors, energy generation and storage, micro-turbines, gas & oil industry applications, waste-water blowers, vacuum pumps, automotive, cryogenic and replacement of gearboxes with direct-drive motors.

    e+a has many existing designs for these applications but can generate new designs when required. These units tend to range from 35KW - 2MW in power and tens to hundreds per year in volume.

    In general e+a produces rotors and stators for “Low Voltage” machines (meaning <1000V, and usually limited to around 2MW in power); however, e+a can provide “Medium Voltage” solutions (>1000V) for very high power/lower current requirements. Contact us with the details of your application.