Permanent Magnet Motor Elements

2, 4, 6 & 8-pole products Permanent Magnet Motors are the most common choice for turbo-machinery applications. These motors are high-efficiency, can support the fastest speeds and provide the highest power and energy density compared to induction motors.

Rotors are typically made with carbon fiber overwraps over a steel core with embedded permanent magnets. For high-temperature applications a steel rotor casing can replace the carbon fiber wrap.

The file Synchronous_overview (see below) lists numerous PM machine designs, but many configurations used in turbo-machinery applications are not listed, especially in the 100 KW – 500 KW range (contact

e+a has a compendium of existing designs, but many customers require new configurations, or modifications of existing designs. Contact e+a for additional details (

(click for more detail) Synchronous_overview

Power vs. Speed examples of completed e+a turbo-machinery elements